Bradley County has a rich history which should be celebrated and honored.  Bradley County is fortunate to have 20 listings on the National Registry, below is a listing of those sites. 

Blue Springs Encampments and Fortifications
Added in 1999, address is restricted, but is currently used for agricultural purposes and forests. Take a drive down Blue Springs Road and to Blue Springs Elementary School.  Park in the area near the playground and ball fields.  Looking into the Blue Springs Valley near the creek and railroad tracks it is easy to imagine Union Troops camped in the Valley. 

Broad Street United Methodist Church
263 Broad Street NW
The Romanesque structure was added to the registry in 1984. 
The original church was built in 1867, the present sanctuary was built in 1893, with additions made in 1922 and 1968.

Centenary Avenue Historic District
The district is bounded by Eighteenth, Harle, Thirteenth and Ocoee Streets.   
Added to the registry in 1993, the private residences are built in a Tudor revival, bungalow/craftsman and colonial revival architectural styles.  The homes were built from 1850 - 1949.

Charleston Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Railroad Street, Charleston, Tennessee
Added to the registry in 1984. 

Cleveland to Charleston Concrete Highway
Market & Water Streets; Charleston
Added to the registry in 2008

Hair Conrad Cabin
Blythewood Farm off of Harrison Pike
Added to the registry in 1976, in the early 1800's the area was inhabited primarily by Cherokees, among them Tekahskeh, or Hair Conrad as he came to be known.  Conrad, a man of means and leader of the first detachment of Cherokees from Rattlesnake Springs on the infamous Trail of Tears, built hiscabin in the architectural style of white settlers during the early 1800's.  The cabin, the oldest residential structurein Bradley County is preserved on the 350 Blythewood Farm. 

Craigmiles Hall
Ocoee Street at Courthouse in Downtown Cleveland
Added to the registry in 1980.

Cleveland Southern Railway Depot
175 Edwards Street
Added to the registry in 2008

P.M. Craigmiles House
833 Ocoee Street NW
Added to the registry in 1975, the former home is used as the History and Archives Branch of the Cleveland/Bradley Public Library. 

Fillauer Brothers Building
Broad & First Streets at Courthouse Square in Downtown Cleveland
Added in 1989, the building was built in 1911.  The Bank of Cleveland now is housed in the building.  Built by brothers John B. and Will Fillauer, the building original hardwood floors and tin ceilings have been revitalized.  A rosewood piano, circa 1860, found during the renovations and is now displayed in the banks lobby. The Moneta Theater was once located in the building. 

First Presbyterian Church
433 Ocoee Street in Downtown Cleveland
Added in 1986, the church was built in 1856.  The church is the oldest existing church building in Cleveland.  During the Civil War, the sanctuary was damaged.  Musket balls are still embedded in the church steeple. 

Hardwick Woolen Mills
445 Church Street in Downtown Cleveland
Added to the registry in 2001, the building is experiencing a revitalization with renovations for loft living and shops on the ground floor os the building. 

Henegar House
Market Street in Charleston, Tennessee
Added to the register in 1975, the home is also known as Ivy Hall.  Built in the federal style the house was the home of Henry Benton Hengar around 1838.  The home is also listed on the Civil War Trails. 

W.J. Hughes Business House
3202 Ocoee Street in Downtown Cleveland
Added to the registry in 1975, the building is also known as C.J. Wilson Store

Ocoee Street Historic District
The district was added to the registry in 1995.  Homes of Colonial revival, Tudor Revival and Queen Anne style were built along the street from 1875 through 1949.

Rattlesnake Springs
Northeast of Dry Valley Road
The Cherokee Tribe used this area as they prepared to embark on their infamous Trail of Tears. 

Red Clay Council Ground
Red Clay State Park
Added to the registry in 1972, the last Council meeting of the Cherokee Nation wad held at the Red Clay prior to embarking on the Trail of Tears. 

St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Broad Street NW in Downtown Cleveland
Added to the registry in 1982, the church was built in 1872, in the Gothic Revival Style.  The church was built to honor the memory of the 7 year old daughter of John H. Craigmiles.  Nina was killed when the buggy she was riding with her granfather, Thompson, was struck by a switch engine at the Inman Street crossing on October 18, 1871.

Tipton-Fillauer House
63 Broad Street NW in Downtown Cleveland
Built in 1890 in the Queen Anne style, the interior contains a winding stairway of carved oak, solid oak doors and fireplace mantles of fine Italian marble. 

US Post Office
155 Broad Street
Added to the register in 1983.  Today the Post Office serves as the Bradley County Courthouse Annex.  The building was constructed in 1911, with the help of Company G., 117th Infantry of the National Guard.